5 Tips to Buy a Mattress for a College Student

  College students are notorious for pulling all nighters and competing with each other to see who is more sleep deprived. If you can’t get your student to sleep more, you can at least ensure that she has a comfortable bed to fall in to whether she lives on or off campus. Keep these six things in mind when beginning your search for the best bed for your student.  
  1. Size Matters
Find out the size of bed frame the dorm or apartment has. Likely, you will need a twin mattress but some colleges have extra long twin beds so you may need a longer mattress.  
  1. Check the Box Spring
You may not need a box spring mattress in campus housing. The one the school provides may be adequate or the bed frame may not need a box spring. Unlike a mattress, a box spring can be unwieldy to squeeze through tight spaces, thus you may not be able to get one into the room.  
  1. Test Drive
Your student probably visited the campus before committing, right? A mattress is an investment just like college. Take your student shopping with you and have her lay on mattresses for 15 to 20 minutes each to find the one that works best for her.  
  1. Maximize Your Money
Mattresses are designed with durability, support and comfort in mind. To get the most for your money, look for the mattress that best meets your specifications in those areas and fits with your budget. If you plan to use the mattress after your child graduates, you may want to spend a bit more to get a higher quality mattress that will last longer.   You can buy a mattress pad to further protect your investment. Don’t forget about pillows and covers for them too.  
  1. Leave the Tags on
Make sure your student knows that the tags have to stay on the mattress. Those tags contain information that you may need later and removing them typically voids the warranty because the manufacturer can’t verify that the mattress is theirs.   Talk to Your Student A comfortable bed doesn’t do much good if your student doesn’t sleep in it. Talk with your student about making time for sleep and how important it is to get a good night’s sleep to improve concentration and productivity.