6 Things You Should Know about Buying a Mattress

We scoured the net for the best tips we could find that people need to know before buying a mattress. When you are shopping for a top rated mattress, there are some important factors to keep in mind.  
  1. If you are considering an innerspring mattress, ask about the coil structure of the mattress. You may also want to look at the wire gauge, turns per coil, coil count and type of metal. A high coil count combined with a thinner gauge wire leads to a weak structure. Tempered coils provide the best support.
  1. While the inside of a mattress is important for support, the exterior is important too. The most durable mattresses have thick outer layers of padding that are stitched to prevent shifting.
  1. The density of memory foam matters. Memory foam is measured by the weight per cubic foot. A higher number means a denser, firmer foam. A lower weight foam is looser and softer, though it may not wear as well.
  1. You should also understand the types of latex. Ask about the method used to make the latex, if it is natural or artificial and the thickness.
  1. Remember the foundation. Depending on the mattress you pick, you may want to purchase a box spring to support your weight and increase the life of your mattress by avoiding extra wear and tear.
  1. Ask to see samples of the products included in the mattress you are considering. A store may even provide a cutaway of a mattress to demonstrate the internal structure. Knowing how those materials feel and how they are made can help you decide if they are right for you.