How to Buy the Best Mattress

A mattress may be confined to your bedroom but it can influence how you perform the next day in your office or at school. A good night’s sleep is essential for your body to function and the right mattress is essential in getting that good night’s sleep. All mattresses aren’t equal. Some are firm. Some are soft. Some have pillowtops. Some have springs, some don’t. Choosing the right mattress for you requires some research into what each mattress offers and how its construction can help you sleep   What’s in a Mattress The biggest difference between mattresses is the materials used to make them and how they provide support.   Innerspring mattresses are a less expensive option than latex or memory foam mattresses and have long been a standard in the industry. The interior of the mattress is lined with coils with thick padding over the top. The system of coils offers firm support for your back.   Air-chamber beds can be more expensive but they offer a unique option: the ability to customize each side of the bed and change the support depending on your mood or what your body needs. These mattresses come with remotes that allow you and your partner to adjust the air pressure in the chambers on each side of the bed separately to provide softer or firmer support.   Memory foam is a relative newcomer to the mattress game and also has its own unique features. Memory foam softens as your body warms it and matches the weight of your body against it to provide consistent support for every sleeping position.   Get One that Works For You As you shop for a mattress, remember that each person is different and a mattress that works for someone else may not work for you. If you are suffering from back pain or another muscular skeletal problem, ask your doctor what type of mattress would be best to alleviate your pain.   Generally, people with back pain prefer a firm bed because it offers better support than a soft one. Some mattresses though are designed for pain relief for specific areas.   You should also consider your favorite sleeping position when buying a mattress.   Keep these things in mind and you’ll be sleeping in comfort in no time.