How to Select the Best Mattress for You

A mattress can make or break a person’s sleep. Because sleep is necessary for your health and wellness, it is important to get adequate sleep and the right mattress can help. Here’s what you need to know to find that perfect bed. What’s on the Inside Mattresses are made from several basic components — layers of softer materials on the exterior for comfort, a core of coils or firmer foam for support and, sometimes, a wooden or metal frame to make the mattress studier.   Those basic can vary greatly from one mattress to another. One may have more coils made from a higher gauge of wire. Another one may not have any coils. Yet another could have air chambers on the inside to control the firmness. Some might just be a bladder filled with water without any foam layers at all.   These materials are combined in different ways for different purposes, such as to alleviate back pain or reduce motion transfer. One design to isolate motion is a new take on the innerspring mattress that features individual coils covered in fabric.   Other variations are memory foam and latex mattresses, which are excellent for joints as they provide less tension and contour more closely to your body. Latex and memory foam are also denser materials, which makes them great options for people with allergies.   What’s Best for You You’ll find the perfect bed for you when you find the right combination of these elements that has you eager to get to bed and snuggle into that comfortable mattress that helps you rest and relax.